Masonry Chimney - Brick - Stone - Concreat Block - Repair Items

  All Prices Include Installation, and Tax!
Top Sealing Dampers
Top Sealing Dampers
Gelco Flue Stretchers
Crown / Wash
Fire Box
Fire Place

Gelco Flue
Pennsylvania Cast-Iron Firebacks
Product Information
304-alloy stainless steel
Lifetime Warranty
3/4" mesh
Easily tightens with screws to the flue tile on all four sides of the base
Raises smoke and gases above adjacent downstairs flue
Extends flue to increase draft

8x8 - 22" $268.00
8x8 - 34" $342.61
8x13 - 22" $305.42
8x13 - 34" $392.02
13x13 - 22" $386.33
13x13 - 34" $498.00
13x17 - 22" $421.65
Fire Box Repair
Tuck Point - Box Wash
Tuck Point
Our fireplace Tuck Point is perfect for repairing small chips or cracked firebrick, re-pointing mortar joints between firebricks, and bonding firebricks together. Can not be used if the bricks are moving.

Box Wash
When the crack's and missing mortar are beyond just filling and/or you want to make the box look more appealing.
a box wash is a less expensive repair then rebuilding the box.

Fire Place Screen

If you can't save the box with a box wash, or there is a reason part or the entire box needs to be rebuilt.
Back Wall $300-$400
Entire Box $499

Racks / Grates
Welded Steel Grate
5/8" Bar Stock, 5 Bar $65.00
5/8" Bar Stock, 6 Bar $75.00
3/4" Bar Stock, 5 Bar $90.00
3/4" Bar Stock, 6 Bar $100.00
3/4" Bar Stock, 7 Bar $115.00

One Piece Cast Iron Grate 
18" One Piece Cast Iron Grate
23" One Piece Cast Iron Grate
27" One Piece Cast Iron Grate

Sampson Cast-Iron Grate
This grate has optional sections that can be added. Each section is self supporting and will increase the width of the grate by 7". These grates work very well in conjunction with Pennsylvania firebacks and fireback boots.

18" front x 15" back x 15" deep, leg height 3"
22" front x 18-1/2" back x 15" deep, leg height 3"
Add-on 7" wide x 15" deep, leg height 3"

Top Sealing
Lyemance Dampers
Lifetime Warranty
Silicone rubber seals tight
Cast-aluminum construction
Easy opening with power lever assist
Easily mounts atop a flue tile

8x8      $265.00
9x13      $290.00
8x17      $280.00
12x16     $315.00
13x13     $300.00
13x18    $350.00
17x17    $400.00
12"R      $295.00
Lock-Top II
Chimney Cap
Lock-Top II Chimney Cap/Damper
Lifetime Warranty
Silicone rubber seals tight
Cast-aluminum construction
Easy opening with power lever assist
Easily mounts atop a flue tile
8x8      $330.00
8x13      $335.00
8x17      $380.00
13x13     $380.00
13x17    $400.00
17x17    $450.00
Ash Dump Door

Ash Clean-out Door

Smoke Shelf Door
8x8 $120.00
8x12 $150.00
12x12 $160.00

Crown / Wash  
Chimney Saver Crown Coat
For minor crown repair, you want to use a Crown Coat resurfacing product. Crown Coat is a fast setting elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane. It’s specifically formulated to repair and protect chimney crowns from water intrusion. It stops leaks and prevents cracking and deterioration of the crown.
Small Crowns $100.00 - $150.00
Medium Crowns $150.00 - $200.00
Large Crowns $200.00 - $300.00
Fire Place
Fresh Air Intake
Woodfield 3-Panel Black 
27"wx30"h 12 1/2" side
Woodfield Vintage Iron 
39"w x 31"h - $180.00
44"w x 33"h - $200.00
Woodfield 3-Panel Arched
28 1/2"w x 34"h 12 1/2" side
Woodfield 3-Panel 
Rubbed-Oil Bronze
26.3"w x 31"h 12.6" side
Woodfield Mission Style Black Wrought Iron
39"w x 31"h
Olde World Single Panel Iron Fireplace Screen with Scrolls
"The Olde World Single Panel Iron Fireplace Screen with Scrolls brings an old world artistic style to our modern day life. Its heavy duty iron construction promotes a sturdy and durable frame, while the hand-crafted look provides a unique, artistic style.
Single panel fireplace screen doors
Measures 39"" wide x 31"" tall
Beautiful iron construction
Featuring the swing-open doors, this fireplace screen door set gives your hearth an elegant style. The crafted scrollwork finishes off the upper portion, while the sturdy frame keeps the screen upright. Guard your living area from any flying sparks or lose ashes this season."
Fresh Air
Pennsylvania Cast-Iron Firebacks
Cast-Iron Firebacks protect the back fireplace wall and absorb heat to radiate it into the room. They’re often leaned against the back wall. A great option is to use fireback boots, shown below. Fireback boots allow you to combine a fireback and a grate into an integrated unit.
The Pennsylvania Firebacks Great Oak Cast Iron Fireback is an original fireback created by J. Del Conner. This high quality piece of art will complete your fireplace!
18" wide 15 1/2" Tall
18" wide 20" Tall
The We The People Fireback celebrates the signing of the Constitution of the United States in 1787. The artist, J. Del Conner, is a direct descendant of Philip Syng, Jr., the creator of the Independence Hall Ink Stand in 1752. 
18" wide 21" tall

Pennsylvania Small Boots
Pennsylvania Large Boots

Factory-built or masonry fireplaces should be equipped with an exterior air supply to assure proper fuel combustion unless the room is mechanically ventilated and controlled so that the indoor pressure is neutral or positive.