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Dryer Vent Lint
Removal Service

    Dryer vent cleaning is not something that most of us pay a lot of attention to.  In fact, most people rarely can say that they have ever had their dyer vent cleaned. Clogged dryer vent can be the reason your clothes are not dry after a drying cycle, have a strange odor or the top of your dryer is unusually hot while working. There can be many negative consequence of clogged vents, but the major source of the problem is usualy lint.
Why Clean?
- decrease fire hazard
- extend dryer life
- increase overall energey efficiency which means extra money in your pocket!
Your dryer's lint trap catches about 60% of the lint produced during any given drying cycle.  The other 40% passes beyond the filter and into the vent system.  Over time, that lint builds up.
Lint build up can lead to fires. In addition, lint accumulation decreases energy efficiency and can increase your bill by 70 - 90 cents per cycle.
* Dryer Vent Cleaning is recommended annually; 2 times per year for customers who use their dryer more frequently.